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I have no idea what just happened but I regret nothing.

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Lynne Monster
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Sometimes I get the creeping suspicion that I'm too old for reading/writing fanfiction to be a favorite hobby. But then I remember I don’t care, so here I am.

I first started lurking (mostly Highlander and Forever Knight – when both were still on the air!) back in those dark days when America Online and CompuServe still charged for dial-up by the hour. Speaking of which, are webrings still around??

Besides the aforementioned HL and FK, I’ve lurked in Buffy, Angel, The Pretender, Harry Potter, the first two Stargates (SG-1 practically got me through grad school), Doctor Who, Torchwood, Sherlock, and so on. I finally de-lurked when I started writing.

Current fandoms: Leverage, The Librarians

I like slash, het, and gen fic and I tend to multiship.

Friending Policy: Go for it! If you've commented anywhere on my journal, or if we've spoken elsewhere across the internet, I'll friend you back. I can be a bit shy but I love chatting and talking to new people!

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