Lynne Monster (lynne_monstr) wrote,
Lynne Monster

Is anyone even still here

Hi blog! I'm basically only on tumblr now but I figured I'd check in and see if anyone is still here.

I'm not updating fic here anymore but I'll try to check in more often - I miss it here.

Anyway, if anyone is interested here's what's new:
 - I've been splitting my time between nyc and toronto for work
 - shadowhunters has taken over my life and i regret nothing (they film in toronto but i have sadly not seen any of the cast around town)
 - i bought a house! Well, more like a closet, but it counts!
 - i'm doing a flufftober fic challenge. well, I'm trying to. I don't think I can stick to posting fic every day but I'd like to  do at least half the prompts. My writing was kind of stalled lately but it's been nice to get back into daily practice

Happy Wednesday!
Tags: general silliness

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