Lynne Monster (lynne_monstr) wrote,
Lynne Monster

Life Update

Not much new around here, but for what's it's worth this is what I've been up to lately.

- My quick 3 weeks in NYC has turned into a 3.5 months. I miss London a bit, but it's been great to be back home in nyc and spend some much needed time with my sister here! We've been working our way through the restaurant scene and it's been a blast!

- I used to be a pretty hardcore runner, but a string of injuries pushed me out of it several years back. I finally kept my promise to myself and booked an appointment with a sports orthopedist to get it looked at. I am now doing physical therpy sessions 3 times a week and I'm hoping they will help ease me back into distance running. I miss it!

- On that note, I've started cross training and going to the gym again. Lots of spinning and yoga mostly. It feels good to be on a workout schedule again. I miss being in shape and all the benefits that come with it.

- Not much movement on fic writing, sadly. I need to buckle down and dedicate some serious time to it, but it's been difficult due to the above new activities

- The Librarians is back on TV and I can't be happier with how the season is shaping up. So much fun, I love everyone in this bar!!

- I'm in the midst of a new fandom love affair with Hawaii Five-0. Why did no one tell me this show is so fun! I'm almost done with season 1 and it's taking all my self control not to go into a Netflix binge hiberation.

Happy Thursday, everyone :)
Tags: general silliness

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