Lynne Monster (lynne_monstr) wrote,
Lynne Monster

Detox week - NYC week 3 of 4

I'm coming down from two weeks of client workshops and a whole lot of vodka here in nyc. Because business trips are as much about the bars as about the meetings. I won't bore you with the work details, but the bar details include hitting 5 different rooftop bar. I also introduced my clients to my local pub, which went over very well. But it meant I was going out every single night for the past two weeks. I'm exhausted!

My clients are now back in London where they belong and I get to hang out at my home base and detox in nyc for the next two weeks! Over-socialization aside, it's great being back, even if just temporarily. (I've been living abroad for work for about 7 months now, and this is the first time I've stepped foot in my apartment since March!) I will be sad to leave for London again, but it's such a great place so I'm not really that upset at all.

In unrelated news, I cut 9 inches off my hair last week and it felt great! Showering is so much easier now.

I hope everone is having a good October so far!
Tags: general silliness, job related

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