Lynne Monster (lynne_monstr) wrote,
Lynne Monster

is it friday yet????

Quick life and fandom update while I procrastinate getting ready for work
 - i'm still in London! what a great city. I've been doing a lot of drinking rose wine outdoors!
 - christian kane has a cooking show and it is adorable
 - i'm watching sense8 on netflix and it's fab! (cute cop Will and kick ass lady Sun are my faves so far)
 - i finally took the plunge and am learning photoshop for gif making. it's so cool!
 - work is still crazy busy and in a couple weeks it's gonna get busier
 - i signed up for the leverage thingathon on tumblr and now i need to go and write the fic but AHHH WRITING IS HARDDD

Alright I need to put makeup on and get going! I hope everyone's day is going alright!
Tags: general silliness

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