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[Updated Oct 10, 2015]

Mature stories are marked as such. Anything lacking a rating is Teen or under.

Stories are ordered by fandom from newest to oldest.

Formatting issues? Spelling/Grammar (hopefully not)? Concrit? Heaps of praise? -- Feel free to comment here, at the relevant post, or PM me.

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Is anyone even still here

Hi blog! I'm basically only on tumblr now but I figured I'd check in and see if anyone is still here.

I'm not updating fic here anymore but I'll try to check in more often - I miss it here.

Anyway, if anyone is interested here's what's new:
 - I've been splitting my time between nyc and toronto for work
 - shadowhunters has taken over my life and i regret nothing (they film in toronto but i have sadly not seen any of the cast around town)
 - i bought a house! Well, more like a closet, but it counts!
 - i'm doing a flufftober fic challenge. well, I'm trying to. I don't think I can stick to posting fic every day but I'd like to  do at least half the prompts. My writing was kind of stalled lately but it's been nice to get back into daily practice

Happy Wednesday!

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Life Update

Not much new around here, but for what's it's worth this is what I've been up to lately.

- My quick 3 weeks in NYC has turned into a 3.5 months. I miss London a bit, but it's been great to be back home in nyc and spend some much needed time with my sister here! We've been working our way through the restaurant scene and it's been a blast!

- I used to be a pretty hardcore runner, but a string of injuries pushed me out of it several years back. I finally kept my promise to myself and booked an appointment with a sports orthopedist to get it looked at. I am now doing physical therpy sessions 3 times a week and I'm hoping they will help ease me back into distance running. I miss it!

- On that note, I've started cross training and going to the gym again. Lots of spinning and yoga mostly. It feels good to be on a workout schedule again. I miss being in shape and all the benefits that come with it.

- Not much movement on fic writing, sadly. I need to buckle down and dedicate some serious time to it, but it's been difficult due to the above new activities

- The Librarians is back on TV and I can't be happier with how the season is shaping up. So much fun, I love everyone in this bar!!

- I'm in the midst of a new fandom love affair with Hawaii Five-0. Why did no one tell me this show is so fun! I'm almost done with season 1 and it's taking all my self control not to go into a Netflix binge hiberation.

Happy Thursday, everyone :)

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While I'm posting fic from tumblr, I may as well throw this up here too.

Fandom: Leverage
Character(s): Eliot + Leverage team
Rating: Gen
Word Count: short
Summary: The question of whether Eliot ever trips on his ridiculously long pants is a serious question with a serious answer. Really...

Written as a response to an anonymous question on tumblr about this gifset of mine, and the potential hazard of eliot's bad hem-job.

Eliot would claim, loudly and vehemently, that he’s never tripped on them. What kind of hitter would he be if he didn’t have total awareness of his environment - that includes his clothes.Collapse )

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[Fanfic] - Hetalia - Unity (1/1)

Fandom: Hetalia
Pairing(s): Germancest
Rating: Teen
Contains: handcuffs (of course it does, it's me...)
Word Count: short
Summary: Prussia has plans for reunification day.

I was rambling on tumblr last week about not knowing what to write. Rptheturk suggested I should write something for Reunification Day, so I did...

Germany went to rub the sleep from his eyes, the day’s chores already marching through his head and clamoring for attentionCollapse )

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Detox week - NYC week 3 of 4

I'm coming down from two weeks of client workshops and a whole lot of vodka here in nyc. Because business trips are as much about the bars as about the meetings. I won't bore you with the work details, but the bar details include hitting 5 different rooftop bar. I also introduced my clients to my local pub, which went over very well. But it meant I was going out every single night for the past two weeks. I'm exhausted!

My clients are now back in London where they belong and I get to hang out at my home base and detox in nyc for the next two weeks! Over-socialization aside, it's great being back, even if just temporarily. (I've been living abroad for work for about 7 months now, and this is the first time I've stepped foot in my apartment since March!) I will be sad to leave for London again, but it's such a great place so I'm not really that upset at all.

In unrelated news, I cut 9 inches off my hair last week and it felt great! Showering is so much easier now.

I hope everone is having a good October so far!

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hi blog

It's been all fic and no talk lately so I'm gonna ramble for a bit. Because it's Sunday and I have a bloody mary that's way too spicy for me (note to self: when the chili pepper vodka you bought at the local chili festival claims to be "hot as hell" BELIEVE IT. omg my poor mouth) and some time to kill.

I'm flying back to the US in a couple of weeks and I am so excited to be going back home! I haven't spent more than 48 hours at my NYC apartment since November of last year and I miss it. I'm not leaving London for good yet, but I not 100% when I'll be coming back either. It might be November, or it might be early next year, who knows...

Work is a hot mess, as usual. Our clients finally accepted reality that we're not going to meet our deadline, which takes a lot of pressure off everyone. There's still a lot to be done, but it's nice to see we're all living in the real world here. On a related note, I'm pushing for a promotion and I should know fairly soon whether it's going to happen or not.

Alright I guess that's enough rambling from me. Have a nice weekend everyone!

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Fandom: Leverage
Character(s): Eliot/Parker/Hardison
Rating: Explicit
Contains: threesome, oral sex, light D/s (basically Eliot likes doing what he's told and that's a kink because I say so :D)
Word Count: 13,600
Summary: Parker and Hardison are kidnapped on a job, but things are more than what they seem. And it brings to light an important something they've been avoiding talking about with Eliot.

This was my entry for the leverage thingathon on tumblr. It got way longer than intended, and I'm so happy I got it done in time!

Hardison woke up on a hard concrete floor with the mother of all headaches dancing the mambo in his head, and his hands cuffed in front of him.Collapse )

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is it friday yet????

Quick life and fandom update while I procrastinate getting ready for work
 - i'm still in London! what a great city. I've been doing a lot of drinking rose wine outdoors!
 - christian kane has a cooking show and it is adorable
 - i'm watching sense8 on netflix and it's fab! (cute cop Will and kick ass lady Sun are my faves so far)
 - i finally took the plunge and am learning photoshop for gif making. it's so cool!
 - work is still crazy busy and in a couple weeks it's gonna get busier
 - i signed up for the leverage thingathon on tumblr and now i need to go and write the fic but AHHH WRITING IS HARDDD

Alright I need to put makeup on and get going! I hope everyone's day is going alright!

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I'm feeling like I'm almost back in the writing groove. To keep it going I'm gonna try and post more often, even if it's just short drabbles. So here goes

Fandom: Leverage
Pairing: Eliot/Quinn
Lengh: short
Rating: sadly gen
Summary: Quinn doesn’t say, I trust you. But when he’s run down and exhausted, he breaks into Eliot’s place.

Quinn doesn’t say, I trust you. But when he’s run down and exhausted, he breaks into Eliot’s place and burrows fully clothed under his favorite throw blanket, the one folded with crisp, military precision hidden in the bottom of the linen closet.Collapse )

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Fandom: Leverage
Character(s): Eliot/Parker/Hardison
Rating: M
Contains: Phone sex (over the comms), dirty talk
Word Count: 1,500
Summary: Hardison was used to fielding constant demands on the job. Crack the code. Trace the cash. Do the impossible. It was what he did. Take you pants off, well, that one was a bit unexpected.

Based on the tags of this tumblr post

It was Parker that started it. On a job, of all places. “Hardison, pants off.”Collapse )

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[Fanfic] - Daredevil - "As Needed" (1/1)

Fandom: Daredevil (TV)
Character(s): Fisk/Wesley (aka bad guys in love)
Rating: Mature
Contains: breathplay, light d/s
Word Count: 1,575
Summary: It’s an admirable trait, loyalty.”
One of many, Wesley would have agreed aloud had he the breath for it.

(or, the real reason why the SUV has tinted windows)

Written for the Merry Month of Masturbation mmom

“I do anything that’s needed of me.”Collapse )

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Late fic! I wrote this back in December for the Leverage Exchange, but forgot to post it here until now...

Fandom: Leverage
Character(s): Eliot/Parker/Hardison + Colonel Vance
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 3,972
Summary: After several bumbling attempts by the government to recruit him back into service, Eliot’s left feeling insulted, one of Hardison’s action figures is forced to make the ultimate sacrifice, and Parker intends to show whoever’s in charge exactly why it’s a bad idea to touch her rappelling gear.

In other words, just another day at the office.

The attack came while he was closing up for the night.Collapse )

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a very unproductive may

it's may again - which in fic terms means the merry month of masturbation. Two-thirds of the way through and I sadly have nothing to show for it.

Unrelated but not really (because I'm trying and failing to write Fisk/Wesley) if you haven't watched the Daredevil series on Netflix go do it!. I mean, if you want to.


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Still here!

Hey blog, it's been a while. I'm still around (esp on tumblr) but work has been kicking my ass lately. My project is in that fun phase where they keep adding more work but refuse to extend the deadline, so it's all degenerating into a mess of finger pointing and blame and everyone is scrambling to cover their respective asses. Because anyone who outright says the new scope is impossible gets labeled "uncoopertive." Ahh, work politics, fun. The only bright spot is that at least my team all has each other's backs. So I only have to worry about shit from the client and from the other group of external contractors.I've worked on prevoious projects where the backstabbing came from within my own team and that is a whole new level of hell.

Okay, no more bitching about work. On a less crappy note, I'm still in London! A couple of months ago I moved from Canary Wharf (the soulless business district that's nowhere near the city center) into a really fun neighborhood in east central london.The commute to work sucks, but it's worth it for the weekends! I can't wait for the weather to warm up so I can start drinking rose wine on my balcony!

Not much is happening on the writing front, but I'm trying to pick away at some existing wips in hope that something comes together. I've taken a fandom nosedive into the Netflix Daredevil series (it's super fun but I went and fell for the bad guys so I feel a bit out of touch with the main fandom) but maybe some porn from that will eventually see the light of day.

It's noon now and I'm still drinking morning coffee. I guess it's time to face the day.

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Time for a Meme!

I keep meaning to use this journal more...and then not doing it at all!

kiramaru7 and n0t_again did this meme, so here I am jumping in on it. They each gave me a letter, which I'm gonna use to answer questions. If you ask for a letter in the comments, I'll give you one!

Kira gave me - G
n0t-chan gave me - M

Something I hate:
  G - going slow. Ughhh people who walk slow and take up THE ENTIRE FREAKING SIDEWALK JUST DRIve me crazy...
  M - Messes! Which is a sad, sad coincidence because I happen to be incredibly messy

Something I love:
  G - Gelato. Mmmm I want some right now
  M - Martinis. Preferably made with vodka and just a little dirty (unlike me who's mostly dirty) and blue cheese olvies.

Somewhere I've been:
  G - Great Britian. In fact, I'm there right now. Hello London.
  M - Munich. I was there several times between 2004-08 and it's a great town. Delicious beer and a cool science museum.

Somewhere I'd like to go:
  G - Great Wall of China. Actually, make that all of China.
  M - Maldives. The location of my current dream vacation. Give me a private villa and no one to bother me for 2-4 weeks, my own dedicated masseuse, and a steady diet of summer cocktails pls. (runners up are Morocco, Machu Picchu, Moscow, and Malaysia)

Someone I know:
 G - I have a cousin named Gary, does that count
 M - My Mom (Ha I used TWO M's I am clearly the winner!)

A film I liked:
 G - Galaxy Quest. An eternal favorite.
 M - The Matrix. Sadly the sequels didn't do it for me and a little bit eroded by love of this movie, but I remember thinking it was super cool. Also, I am apparently not good at thinking of movie names that start with M.

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Fanfic - Leverage/SPN - "In Possession Of"

Fandom: Leverage/Supernatural
Character(s): Eliot Spencer, Sam and Dean Winchester
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1,500
Summary: “For the last time,” Eliot gave one last attempt to end this mess. These guys made Parker look well-adjusted, and that was saying something. “I’m not a demon!” And damn if that wasn’t a sentence he never thought would come out of his mouth, let alone several times in one day.

The shorter one flashed a grin at his friend. “Well would you look at that. Your hair twin’s a big fat liar.”

Written for comment_fic.

Eliot shifted on the balls of his feet, wiping away a trickle of blood from his mouth and doing a quick rundown of the rest of his injuries.Collapse )

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Happy 2015

This is the part where I tell myself (yet again) that I'm gonna use this journal more.

It's been pretty crazy over here. In the past two weeks, I've been in London, New York, South Florida, Prague, and Berlin, and crossed the Atlantic 3 times.in the process. And I'm doing it again tomorrow. This is usually about the time I come down with a cold from sheer exhaustion (and I actually did run a fever for about three hours on New Years Eve but I'm not counting it because being sick for under 12 hours doesn't count).

I spent New Years in Berlin this year, and if you haven't been, wow it is crazy. I've never seen so many amatuer fireworks being shot into a crowd in my life. I think my favorite part was the people selling bottles of champage and liquor on the side of the road. But give it up for German efficiency because by the next morning the roads were clear, which was a miracle in itself.

It was a lot of fun, but I think next year I'm going to head to a more tropical location. Weather that feels like 5 Farenheit is not my cup of tea. (The last time I was that cold was when I was getting my masters degree in Upstate New York. And damn that was cold.)

On the fic front, I finished my Leverage secret santa gift on time, which was a relief! I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out.

Fic goals for 2015 are:
 - I really really really want to wrap up my Hetalia German Bro long fic that's been sitting uncompleted on my hard drive for over a year now.
 - I now also have an unfinished Eliot/Quinn Leverage fic in the 11k range that I want to compete. It's more plotty than my usual humor+fluff+angst combo but I'm trying to grow as a writer so I want to power though and finish it
- there's also that Leverage ot3 zombibe apocalypse fic that may or may not ever see the light of day....
 - Kinky Leverage smut! I love the fandom to death but it doesn't have near the amount of nasty kinky porn (that I can find) as my beloved Germancest. I'd like to do something about that
 - Kinky Hetalia smut - I have so many unfinished Germancest porn snippets and I'd like to finish at least one of them
 - new fandom fic - it takes me forever to get comfortable enough with a canon to start writing in it. I'm forever envious of the pepole who can watch a single episode and write mind-blowing, in character fic for it. I suppose the only way to learn how to do that is to practice practice practice...

That's all for now! Happy New Year everyone, and if you have any fandom/fic/whatever goals you want to share put them in the comments and we can chat!

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